Friday, July 19, 2024

YouTube has launched a New Update for Studio Analytics


YouTube has added a new feature in-studio analytics to display impressions from new and returning viewers. This will help channels understand more about their audience and also in creating content. 

This feature is enabled to help content creators know about their audience. Content creators can plan content strategies to attract both new and returning users. 

Now if you visit the audience tab of the YouTube analytics report you will find a new section there “Returning and New Viewers”. 

Now what are there returning and new viewers?

Returning users are those who have interacted before with your channel and returned back to your channel to view other videos in a specific time duration whereas new viewers are those who have interacted with your channel for the first time. New viewers also include users from private browsers or users who have deleted their search history. This feature will be very beneficial for content creators.

How Will it be Beneficial?

This update will help you understand the impact of your previous content on the audience also it will help you measure the success of your strategies. Comparison impressions of new and returning viewers provide users with opportunities to rechange the content strategy.

For example, if you have created a short reel video and it gets 1000 impressions from new viewers then you can concentrate on creating content in a short reel video format as it worked well for your previous content.

Same if on your video you get better impressions from returned viewers then you can work on that strategy.

This new feature is currently available and it can be accessed in advanced mode within YouTube Studio analytics. This feature will help creators gain a better understanding of the audience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What does it mean if we have more returning viewers than new viewers?

Having more returning viewers simply means you have a more loyal audience and the audience is inclined to return to your channel for more content. Such trends are observed among channels that continuously upload content on similar topics.

What are considered good views on You Tube?

For videos shorter than 5 minutes, viewers should watch around 50-70% of the video and for longer videos, a successful view duration is when viewers watch 40-60% of the video. If you have uploaded a 10-minute video then the viewer should watch it for 4-6 minutes.

What is YouTube Studio analytics?

YouTube analytics is a feature that gives us detailed information about how our content is performing on YouTube. It simply tells us about our audience interest and key metrics to get an overall update on our YouTube strategy. 

What are the 5 most important analytics on YouTube to evaluate performance?

  • Channel views
  • Watch time of the content
  • Subscribers
  • Top posts
  • Impressions
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