Microsoft Update: Spellcheck and Autocorrect for Windows 11
Microsoft Update: Spellcheck and Autocorrect for Windows 11
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Microsoft Update: Spellcheck and Autocorrect for Windows 11

After a very long time, windows has announced an update for Notepad Windows 11 Insider in the Canary and Dev Channels. It is (11.2402.18.0 version) This update is about introducing features like a Spellchecker, character count, tab support, Theme options, AI Integration and autosave in Notepad. Notepad was introduced around 40 years ago and now the new update is rolling out for Windows 11.

What is new in this update of Windows 11 Notepad?

Autocorrect Feature:

With this super new update Notepad in Windows 11 will highlight misspelled or incorrect words and provide the right suggestions to make the sentence meaningful and identify the mistakes. They have also introduced an autocorrect with this version which will fix our common typing mistakes and also it will save you from writing meaningless paragraphs. 

Character Count:

This new update also has a feature of word count. Word count will be shown at the bottom of the Notepad. It will help users to have a clear idea of the document’s length. It will show a word count similar to how Microsoft Word shows. When the text is selected it will show the character count for both the selected text and the entire document. If you have not selected any text it will show the character count of the entire document.


This feature is currently not available for all Windows users, it is currently working in the Windows insider preview build and for users, those are having the beta version of the Windows 11 operating system.

The company is working to renew and update every app with time. Windows has already updated many of its apps with the latest features and designs. 

How to use the latest version of Notepad in Windows 11?

In this latest update of Notepad, once the user downloads and install the Notepad the misspelled word will automatically get underlined in red and to fix that mistake the user needs to click or tap on the underlined word or the user can use the keyboard shortcut shift+F10 on the misspelt word to see the correct word or spelling. 

Users can also add the word to a dictionary or ignore the word so that it is not flagged as a mistake again. In this latest version spellcheck also supports multiple languages which is also a plus for users. 

Microsoft also added that this feature is enabled for some file types by default but for other files that are associated with coding, it can be turned off by default. Users can easily turn off/on this setting globally for specific files in Notepad’s app settings or temporarily for the current existing file in the context menu. They have also organized a settings page to make it easy to use for users. 

This new update for Notepad will definitely help users to note everything in a single place and the noted information will be saved automatically without errors. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.1 What are the new features of Notepad in Windows 11?

Microsoft recently introduced an update in Windows 11 Notepad. The new feature includes the character count for the selected words and the entire document. The update also introduced an autosave option.

Q.2 Is Notepad++ better than Notepad?

Obviously, when it comes to advanced features and functionality Notepad++ is better than Notepad. However, both Notepad and Notepad++ are text editors.

Q.3 What is the latest version of Windows Notepad?

The latest version of Windows Notepad is (version 11.2402.18.0)

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