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AI-Powered Spam Websites Outsmart Google’s Latest March 2024 Update


The use of AI has increased massively in the past few years. The use of AI is increasing in every area. According to a report, 77% of businesses are exploring or using AI. It is also predicted that by 2030, 30% of jobs will be lost because of AI. 

With AI anyone can create content easily nowadays and it is devaluing the original content and demoralizing the authorized content writers. 

Google has tried to do justice to original content and content writers and to reduce the scaled content or AI-generated content through its March core update that is believed to seize all such AI Content. 

However, it can be seen that even after Google’s March core update AI-generated sites are still ranking at the top of search engine ranking pages. 

How Spammy Sites are Defeating Google’s March Core Update?

Maybe these websites use a technique called “ Churn and Burn”. Maybe they take advantage of Google’s ranking algorithm of recency. (recently created content is more likely to rank higher on the search engines).

These spammy sites post a lot of content very quickly and by the time Google detects them spam some new spam sites come to take their place making it impossible for the authorised content to rank on SERPs. Even though Google tries to stop these spammy sites, they are still able to manipulate the system and AI-generated content again ranks higher than the content created by humans. 

Now what is Google’s March core update? 

In a recent core update, Google announced that it will target irrelevant, unhelpful and low-quality content. If the content satisfies Google’s satisfaction criteria there will be no issue. 

Also, recently Google Search Liaison added that Google is promoting content based on relevancy, quality and recency, regardless of how the content is created. 

What is Google’s Satisfaction criteria?

Expired Domain Abuse: In the past two to three years, the misuse of expired domains has seen a surge and to reduce it Google has released an updated algorithm for expired domain abuse. 

Scaled content Abuse: If the content is not helpful and only created to manipulate the search engines for higher rankings, the pages pretend to answer popular search queries but do not contain appropriate information. 

Site Reputation Abuse: many third-party sites publish low-quality content on reputed sites to get good traffic on their site. Such publications can mislead the visitors and this will also be considered spam.

Why the Sites are using AI to generate content?

The sites are using ChatGPT or other AI tools to generate content as it is the most convenient and cost-effective way to generate content or to do any specific job. AI can provide very descriptive content in very little time and uses pictures and data that make it more lucrative. Also, any task can be completed within minutes, saving so much time. 

Why AI Content is less good than content written by a human?

Though it is debatable, we can say AI is more data-driven while Human written content contains very important aspects such as experiences, emotions, and empathy. They also use the required data that make the Human written content more effective and informative for the readers. 

How can we spot spammy content? 

  • Lack of Human Flow

As we mentioned above AI content lacks human emotions, they are supposed to have fewer grammatical mistakes, and also AI-generated content seems a little robotic. We can understand about AI-generated content by reading it manually. 

AI-generated content may seem more formal, but we humans write in our own flow and Artificial Intelligence writes based on data provided and using their algorithms that miss the natural flow. 

  • Use of some specific words 

If you search for anything on ChatGPT, the results will include some specific words that seem formal such as “significant”, “demonstrating”, “revolutionising” “diverse” and many more words. 

AI-Powered Spam Websites Outsmart Google's Latest March 2024 Update
AI-Powered Spam Websites Outsmart Google’s Latest March 2024 Update
  • Content presentation in a template format

When we write about any specific topic we cover everything in an order that makes sense, but the AI-generated content is based on algorithms and provides data in a template format. Even the content created by AI can include wrong information. 

                                  AI-Generated Content

AI-Powered Spam Websites Outsmart Google's Latest March 2024 Update
AI-Powered Spam Websites Outsmart Google’s Latest March 2024 Update

                               Human Written Content

AI-Powered Spam Websites Outsmart Google's Latest March 2024 Update
AI-Powered Spam Websites Outsmart Google’s Latest March 2024 Update
  • Check Plagiarism using Tool

There are many tools available on Google to check whether the content is written by a human or generated by an AI. This is the fastest and simplest way to detect AI-generated content. These plagiarism tools detect exactly what per cent of content is generated by AI and this will help you to get accurate information. 

AI-Powered Spam Websites Outsmart Google's Latest March 2024 Update
AI-Powered Spam Websites Outsmart Google’s Latest March 2024 Update


This is how these spammy sites are ranking over the original content and manipulating Google which is leading to a decrease in the quality level of the search results. However, Google is working on detecting low-quality content and spamming irrelevant content. Google has already started de-indexing spammy sites with AI-generated and low-quality content. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’)s

What are the spammy sites? 

Spammy sites are those sites that use AI-generated content or low-quality content that have no relevance to the site. The content is uploaded to get a higher ranking in the search results. They have nothing to do with the user experience they only focus on appearing on the top. 

Is Google boosting AI-generated content?

According to a recent report, it is clear that Google is not boosting AI content and not declining it because Google will rank the content based on the quality, relevancy and recency of the content not based on how it is created.

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