Google's Gemini AI: Reply Suggestion feature to the Gmail app on Android
Google's Gemini AI: Reply Suggestion feature to the Gmail app on Android
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Google’s Gemini AI: Reply Suggestion feature to the Gmail app on Android

Reports say that Gemini AI could be used as a new feature to generate replies on Gmail. 

Google has introduced an AI-powered LLM to help users write emails. This will be accessible for those who have accounts for Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business add-ons. Google is working on Gemini to make it more advanced. This feature is also available in Google Workspace labs for early testing of this feature.  According to a report, Gmail on Android phones will suggest replies when the users receive any mail.

It is so difficult to think of a reply when we receive emails on Gmail. This feature will be beneficial for users or professionals who required perfect replies and also it will save a lot of time.

The report of Piunikaweb discovered a feature in Gmail. When a user opens Gmail and taps on the reply option a new panel appears there above the text field titled “reply suggestions from Gemini” That simply means the user can use AI Gemini to reply to emails based on the content in the email.   

Now in Gmail, we can draft messages based on prompts with the help of AI. we simply need to tap on the Help Me Write button

As ChatGPT drafts content based on the provided information, we can also create drafts by providing a free-form prompt. It also comes with a customisation option so we can fine-tune our draft making it more formal.

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But do you know what an AI Gemini is?

Gemini is an advanced AI language model like Chat GPT and it was previously known as Bard. It is an advanced innovation in Google’s AI. Gemini AI has three models Gemini Nano, Gemini Ultra, and Gemini Pro. Gemini is capable of understanding various forms of data such as images, audio, video and code.

The feature has not come out yet but it is expected that it will be soon available for users. Users will be able to customise the AI-generated emails according to their needs. 

Google launched Gemini Ultra integration into Google Workspace apps in February month and allowed users to use the AI features of Gemini advanced through the Google One AI Premium Plan.

Google has launched Gemini Ultra integration into Google Workspace apps, enabling users to utilise AI features via Gemini Advanced through the Google One AI Premium plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.1 What are the monthly subscription charges for Google Advanced?

Monthly subscription charges for Google Advanced in India is Rs. 1,950 and in the US, it costs $19.99. Also, Google is offering a two-month free trial part for users as a part of the promotional offer.

Q.2 How Gemini Replies might work in drafting Gmail? 

When a user starts writing, Gemini will analyse the email. it will pop up a few relative responses in reply and the user can pick the suitable response to draft a mail. The information is based on speculation. 

Q.3 How can we use Gemini to draft a message in Gmail?

First, open Gmail on an Android phone, and click on Compose at the bottom right.

Click on the Help Me Write option on the bottom right window. 

Enter a prompt: Write a professional message to follow up on a job application.

Draft an email to remind team members of an upcoming deadline.

(For better outcomes, include more specific details about how you want your email).

Click on the option “Create”

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