Friday, July 19, 2024

Apple Explores Integration of Google’s Gemini AI into iPhone: Report


Two tech giants are looking for collaboration. Apple users may soon be able to use Google’s Gemini on their iPhones. The deal will be beneficial for both the tech giants. This information has created a boom in technophiles. Neither Google nor Apple has confirmed the news but according to the reports, an official announcement can be expected post-June 2024.

If that happens it will be a win-win situation for both companies. Gemini will be downloaded on approximately 1.46 billion iPhones, which will lead to a massive growth in the use of Google’s Gemini. It will also be great for Apple because it will enhance its AI capabilities and improve user experience. 

But it is also questioning Apple’s AI. reportedly Apple was investing in its own AI and now Apple is looking to collaborate with other AIs. Was Apple’s AI mission unsuccessful? Or it’s taking more time than expected, which made Apple look for other options.

Before this, Apple was in talks about collaborating with open AI, to use chat GPT in their new iOS models. However, according to the reports, Apple is in discussion with Google for collaborating with Google’s Gemini. 

Gemini can be considered the biggest innovation in Google’s AI. Google has launched three models of Gemini: Gemini Nano, Gemini Ultra and the third is Gemini Pro. Google has been a leader in innovating AI. Google launched Bard in March 2023 but it didn’t work well and later google changed the name Bard to Gemini. 

Gemini is more powerful and it is based on the large language model. The company has also released a new Gemini app for Androids. 

Reports are saying that Apple iOS 18 might use generative AI for tasks and it could bring improvements to Siri. This collaboration between Google and Apple will take the technology to the next level. 

Both tech companies are known for their own innovations, and the collaboration between the two will definitely boost the tech industry and make a significant impact on the whole AI industry. 

Last month Apple’s CEO added that the company would announce future plans for generative AI very soon and the company is investing in that area. Still, now according to the reports, Apple is likely to integrate Google’s Gemini into iPhones

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