Google Will Debut its Find My Device Network for Android This Upcoming Weekend
Google Will Debut its Find My Device Network for Android This Upcoming Weekend
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Google Will Debut its Find My Device Network for Android This Upcoming Weekend

Google announced the Find My Device network in 2023 at I/O for Android users to find lost devices such as mobile phones, headphones and connected devices using other Android phones. Due to some privacy issues, Google delayed this feature due to some privacy concerns as Google collaborated with Apple to ensure privacy protections.

According to a report now Google is ready to launch this feature to help users find their devices and also several settings options appeared on mobile phones earlier this week to certain users participating in the Google Play Services Beta program but the feature is not enabled yet for use.

Some users are receiving emails related to the launch of this feature and that is indicating Google is about to launch Find My Device very soon, the email also includes various benefits of the new feature. At the end of the email, it was stated that the feature would be launched on Sunday 7 April.

As per a report by 9to5Google, Google has mentioned in the email that with this new Find My Device network, users will be able to find their devices without an internet connection (offline) or even when the device is switched off. Also, by using this, they can find their headphones, earbuds and trackers for items like Wallets, Keys, bikes or cars. Users will receive a notification on their devices when this feature is enabled to use.

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Why Did Google Delay The Find My Device Launch?

In September 2023, Google was about to launch the Find My Device Network but delayed it worrying about how people misuse the features, especially with Bluetooth trackers like Apple’s AirTags, which can be used for talking and stalking. Keeping such things in mind and addressing privacy concerns, Apple collaborated with Google to develop a technology that can identify and eliminate unknown trackers.

This update will ensure that users using different devices receive timely alerts if unknown trackers follow them, allowing users to remove the unknown trackers. For example, iPhone users will receive alerts about unknown Samsung SmartTag trackers and Android users will be able to detect if an unknown Apple Air Tag is nearby.

Apple Updated Security Features

According to a report Apple included security features in upcoming iOS 17.5 to prevent misuse of the network.

Also, it is expected that Google will activate the Find My Device network by default on supported Android devices. Users will have access to manage notifications for found items. They can limit it to online devices, or disable Find My Device completely. Google’s Pixel 9, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro are supporting the Find My Device network.

An initial version of the Find My Device network is available for a limited number of users in India and they shared that it provides the capability to play sound remotely on their device also, users can choose options such as “Secure device” and “Factory reset device”.

For sure this feature will help users find their lost devices easily by using another Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can someone find a lost device from another device?

To find a lost phone from another phone you can follow these steps

  1. Open the Find My Device app on another Android phone 
  2. Sign in to your Google account
  3. Choose the device or phone you want to track 
  4. You might need to enter the lock screen pin 
  5. Once authenticated, you can proceed to find, lock or erase the information in the device remotely.

What is the release date of the Find My Device network? 

It is expected that Find My Device will be available to use for users on Sunday, 7th of April.

What is the Find My Device network?

The Find My Device network is a service offered by Google that enables users to find their Android devices remotely. Even if the device is out of network.

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