WordPress 6.5 Release Delayed Due to Problems with New Feature Bugs
WordPress 6.5 Release Delayed Due to Problems with New Feature Bugs
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WordPress 6.5 Release Delayed Due to Problems with New Feature Bugs

WordPress was supposed to release WordPress 6.5 in March 2024 but as it requires some modifications the release has been delayed for one week and now the release is scheduled for 2 April 2024.

WordPress 6.5 has been delayed because of a disagreement on proposing a new feature. The new feature will increase the hassle for some websites as they will need to download a plugin for continued functionality.

Why the release of WordPress 6.5 delayed?

The delay was caused because of a new font library feature. This feature helps manage fonts and also ensures using the Google Fonts website follows GDPR. GDPR prevents user’s data from using WordPress features and tools. Also, it allows website owners to connect and download Fonts locally provided by Google without relying on Google’s server. 

The plan was to store fonts on a location /wp-content/fonts/. However, it was realised that doing so will lead to issues and some systems won’t be able to handle storing fonts there. To resolve this the core contributors suggested the website experiencing issues would need to use a plugin (fonts to upload) to work properly with WordPress 6.5.

What will be the modifications in WordPress 6.5?

According to WordPress, the location where fonts are stored will be changed to wp-content/uploads/fonts.  

The team will focus on fixing bugs found in the Font Library Feature and these changes will be tested before being added to the main WordPress 6.5 version. 

An unplanned WordPress 6.5 RC4 version will be released and it will have the new font storage and some bug fixes.

WordPress stated that this modification will make sure that as many sites as possible can benefit from the new Font Library feature without installation or configuration. Now the new release date for WordPress 6.5 is scheduled on Tuesday, 2 April 2024.

Hoping it will benefit website developers by simplifying the process and making it more convenient for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.1 What is WordPress 6.5? 

WordPress 6.5 is the latest and updated version of the web development platform. This WordPress 6.5 is going to take website development experience to the next level. 

Q.2 What is the new release date for WordPress 6.5?

WordPress 6.5 was supposed to be released in March 2024 but later to make some changes in the Font Library feature the release date has been changed to 2nd April 2024, Tuesday. 

Q.3 What is new in WordPress 6.5?

There will be a lot of new things in this version of WordPress such as a Font Library, pattern customization, more control with section-specific theme.json classic themes, an improved site editor and much more.

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