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What Does NFS Mean on Instagram


Somebody from Instagram sent you NFS and now you have no idea what it is. In this blog,
We will help you understand what does NFS mean on Instagram and how to use it in your Instagram DMs.

NFS has many full forms with different meanings for different situations.

Let’s get started with it.

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What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Business Page

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram
What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

NFS has many abbreviations, It is “Not for Sale” for business owners whereas for a gamer it is “Need For Speed”.

This is mostly used by Instagram influencer pages and business owners who receive many buying requests.

People save their time by texting them or adding it to their Instagram bio, abbreviations like NFS and it is easily understandable for them.

Now you know, Whenever you come across such pages with buying intention and you see NFS means “Not For Sale”.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Gaming Page

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram
What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

NFS for a gamer is “Need For Speed”, It is basically a car racing game franchise published by Electronic Arts. Which is a very famous game among gamers.

For example:

Friend – “What are you doing?”
Me – “I am playing NFS, wanna join?”

Now you know, If a gamer is using NFS, they are probably talking about the game.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram DM

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram
What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

“No Funny Sh*t” is another famous abbreviation used on Instagram DMs.

It means they are being serious. It’s not funny sh’t just real talk.

For example:

Friend – “NFS, I went to Justin Bieber’s concert yesterday.”
Me – “How was it?”

Other Meanings of NFS on Instagram

NFS – No Funny Stuff

#nofunnystuff or #nfs hashtags are used on Instagram posts, reels or on their stories. It means that they don’t want any fights or drama on their post.

It might be anything, a product advertisement post, a reel, or anything related to their personal life. They don’t want any drama in their comment section which is why they add the #nfs hashtag on their post.

Another Abbreviation of NFS is “Not Following Specified”. It means that a person follows another person on Instagram, But the other person is not following back.

Whereas on TikTok, the full form of NFS is “New Friends”, The meaning of NFS might vary on every other platform depending on the situation.

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NFS – Not For Sharing

#notforsharing or #nfs hashtag is used when someone doesn’t want to talk about their content.

You can add a #nfs hashtag on your post, reel, or story to tell your followers that you don’t share or repost it.

NFS – No Filter Selfie

#nofilterselfie is an Instagram challenge, Where every Instagram user posts their selfies without using any camera filters.

This hashtag is for users to tell that they don’t need any filter to be beautiful. People post their natural-looking pics so they don’t feel fake.

NFS – No Filter Sunset

#nofiltersunset are pictures of the sunset without any camera filter. It is similar to #nofilterselfie, where they take selfies of themselves and in no filter sunset, they take pictures of the sunset from different locations and times.

NFS – No filter Sunday

#nofiltersunday is used when people share their unedited pictures of their sunday evening, or outdoors or meeting friends.

This hashtag is used to tell their users that they haven’t used any filters on their posts.

NFS – Network File System

#networkfilesystem is a technical term used by a technical person to tell something technical.

NFS (Network File System) means to store your files on a cloud network. Nowadays the usage of cloud storage is increasing rapidly in companies.

The word NFS is used on Instagram by technical persons.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does NFS mean on Instagram?

The abbreviation of NFS is “Not For Sale” in Instagram, where the product in the post is not for sale. Whereas NFS in gaming is “Need For Speed”, which is a very popular car racing game by EA(Electronic Arts)

What does NFS stand for in TikTok?

NFS in Instagram is “Not For Sharing”, Which means the post is not meant to share or repost anywhere. Whereas on TikTok, the acronym of NFS stands for “New Friends”, The meaning of NFS might vary on every other platform depending on the situation.

What are all the abbreviations of NFS?

Here we have listed all the abbreviations of NFS

  • Not for Sale
  • Need For Speed
  • No Funny Sh*t
  • No Funny Stuff
  • Not For Sharing
  • No Filter Selfie
  • No Filter Sunset
  • No filter Sunday
  • Network File System
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