Plannet Marketing Reviews: Is it A Pyramid Scheme
Plannet Marketing Reviews: Is it A Pyramid Scheme
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Plannet Marketing Reviews: Is it A Pyramid Scheme?

Plannet Marketing is becoming a topic of debate. You might have heard about plannet marketing from a friend or relative, through a webinar, or maybe through an in-person information session. So, in this blog, we will cover everything about plannet marketing and genuine plannet marketing reviews. Many people say that it is a pyramid scam, while many others say that it is a way to earn extra income with a job. So, what do you think is plannet marketing worth taking a risk? Is it legitimate? 

In this article, we will discuss all these things and provide a real-plannet marketing review report. Read the full article to know the full plannet marketing review report.

What is Plannet Marketing? 

Plannet Marketing is a multi-level marketing (MLM) travel company offering travel-related services such as Airplane Tickets, Hotel Reservations, Cruise Tickets, and many others. The company was started by Don Bradley in 2015. Don Bradley worked with Intele Travel to offer discounts on travel services. In plannet Marketing, you can make money by selling the company’s travel products or inviting other people to join this network. As a plannet marketing agent, you offer various travel-related services and offers and earn a commission through your sales and those of your recruits. You are not a direct seller. In this scheme, you earn through a multi-level system.

Who Founded Plannet Marketing?

Mr Don Bradley and Andy Cauthen are the founders of Plannet Marketing. Don Bradley is the CEO of this company, and Andy Cauthen is president and chief financial officer. 

How Does Plannet Marketing Operate?

Plannet Marketing operates as an overlay to the travel agency InteleTravel, and there are two ways to earn income through plannet Marketing.

  1. InteleTravel Agent: You can register as an ITA and earn commissions directly from the bookings you have made. InteleTravel handles the actual sale of travel services. 
  2.  Affiliate Marketing: You can become an affiliated person and recruit others to join Plannet Marketing. The person who joins through you will be under your sponsorship. By following this, you can earn commissions from your sales and the sales generated by the person you recruit. 

Plannet Marketing does not allow the direct selling of travel services; you gain the opportunity to earn commissions from selling travel services by becoming an InteleTravel agent. To become an ITA, you have to pay a one-time fee of $179.95, along with a monthly cost of $39.95. 

Once you become an ITA, you are eligible to earn a commission ranging from 70% to 80% from your sales. Also, you gain a bonus of $50 for successfully recruiting other agents into plannet Marketing. 

Is It Possible To Earn Money Through Plannet Marketing?

Yes, it is possible to make money with plannet Marketing, but it can be challenging. Only a few people earn more than minimum wages. These people take plannet marketing as their full-time career and work hard to earn money, but they are scarce. Even many people work hard and still need to receive the payment or income they expect. So, yes it is possible to earn money with plannet marketing but not as much as you wish.

How Much Money Does It Cost To Become a Plannet Marketer or an ITA?

The fee of 19.95$ will be charged to you initially with a monthly payment of $19.95$ or 39.95$. The monthly cost depends on the package you choose. 

To become an ITA, you have to pay a fee of $179.95but before that; you must become a plannet marketing representative. You will have to pay around $199.90 for the first month. So yes, it is costly for new people to join plannet marketing. 

Plannet marketing extra perks

Direct sale commission: You earn a commission whenever someone books a trip or other related service from you. The commission may range from 70% to 80%.

Direct Sales: If you refer someone to become an ITA. You receive $25, and the person who joins will earn a 50% matching incentive.

Gold Builder Bonus: When you earn higher positions, you earn $10 for each ITA sale made by gold builders below you.

Director Bonus: As you gain higher rankings, you receive more bonuses and benefits.

Monthly matrix income: A monthly payout of $4 is provided back from the monthly fees paid by you. 

What Do You Think About Plannet Marketing? Is it a pyramid scheme? 

Plannet Marketing is not a pyramid scheme. In pyramid schemes, money can be earned only from recruiting new members, whereas in plannet Marketing, you sell products and receive a commission. InteleTravel is an independent travel agency and a legitimate multi-level marketing company in the travel industry.

Is it a scam? 

The legitimacy of plannet Marketing can be a topic of debate. Some people have had a positive experience with plannet Marketing. In contrast, others have raised concerns regarding the business structure, the cost of becoming a plannet Marketer, and the challenges associated with achieving a good income.

But yes, it is not a scam as they provide accurate travel-related services and pay their members as they sell their products. 

After discussing everything related to plannet marketing, let us discuss the pros and cons. 

Pros Of Plannet Marketing

  1. Plannet Marketing allows you to work flexibly and will enable you to work from home.
  2. You can earn additional income by offering travel services to your friends or family, and you can earn more by recruiting new agents.
  3. The company provides training to help its members succeed in their roles.
  4. It provides you the opportunity to earn weekly commission based on your sales. 
  5. The global presence on plannet Marketing allows us to work internationally. 

Cons Of Plannet Marketing

  1. Becoming an ITA requires a high initial cost, including enrollment fees and monthly administrative fees.
  2. The travel industry is already highly competitive, and it can be challenging to stand out from other travel agencies.
  3. This does not provide you with a stable income as a job does. Your earnings can vary depending on sales performance, recruitment success, and the condition of the market. 
  4. Some people have concerns about the legitimacy of the company.
  5. It requires constant recruitment and constant sales to earn.


Plannet Marketing is a travel service provider MLM company that provides income for selling their travel-related services and recruiting new members to the company. They also offer the chance to earn a weekly commission based on sales volume. 

Many people have raised concerns about the MLM business and said that it is a pyramid scheme, while some people have found success in it. So, it is essential to conduct research before joining Plannet Marketing or any other related marketing business. 

We hope that this plannet marketing review report helped you understand what plannet marketing is, how it works, and many other things related to it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.1 Does plannet Marketing allow individuals to work internationally?

Yes, plannet Marketing has a global presence and allows its members to work internationally.

Q.2 What are the requirements to become a plannet marketing representative? 

To become a plannet Marketing Representative, you need to complete the enrollment process and pay the required amount, and then the company will guide you through the whole process.

Q.3 Can I cancel my plannet Marketing membership? 

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime.

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