If you have recently received a text as “wtw” from someone and you have no idea what “wtw” is and how to respond to it. In this blog, We will tell you how to respond to wtw meaning in text.

WTW abbreviation is “what’s the word”, which actually means “what’s up”. This is often used to know about “how are you?” or “what are you up to?”.In this case, You could reply with what you are doing.

It has a few other abbreviations such as “what’s the weather?”, It simply means how the weather is over there. In this case, You could reply with your weather forecast.

Let’s dig deeper into how to respond to wtw meaning in text.

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How to Respond to WTW in Text

What can WTW mean by “what’s the word” over text?

WTW can mean “what’s up” or “what’s going on”. It is a casual way of asking your friends what they are up to. It usually means they want to hang out with you.

If someone has sent you “wtw” over text. It means they want to know what you are doing, so they could ask you if he/she can hang out with you.

For instance, let’s say someone has texted “WTW tonight?” is a cool way of asking, “What are you up to tonight? Do you want to hang out tonight?”

What can WTW mean “what the what” over text

The other abbreviation for WTW is “what the what”. It simply means “what the heck!”. It is used when you are surprised or shocked. For an example:

  • Friend: “I scored 90+ on maths.”
  • You: “WTW!! How did you do that?”
WTW meaning in Text

WTW meaning in Text

What does WTW mean on Snapchat and TikTok?

WTW means the same “what’s the word” or “what the what” on Snapchat and TikTok.
The meaning of WTW doesn’t change if you change the platform. The meaning of WTW is the same on every other platform like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

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How to Respond to “What’s the Word”

“What are you up to? Let’s hang out”

How will you respond if you receive this text? If you want to hang out say I’m down, let’s hang out. For example

  • “I am at the mall, wanna join?”
  • “I’ve got nothing going on, but I’m hungry. You want to grab a bite with me?”
  • “I am playing games in the basement, come join me”
WTW meaning in Text

WTW meaning in Text

“Let’s hangout tonight, going for a movie”

How will you respond if you receive this text? If you don’t want to hang out or are busy with some work, You can say you can’t hang out. For example:

  • “I am doing my homework, Can’t come”
  • “Can’t come tonight, What about tomorrow?”
  • “My parents have grounded me for a day”
WTW meaning in Text

WTW meaning in Text

How to Respond to “What the What”

“I know, right!?”

People use “What the What” when they are surprised or shocked. If you receive this kind of text from someone then you can reply to them:

  • “Ikr?”
  • “It was nuts.”
  • “I thought it was wild, too!”
WTW meaning in Text

WTW meaning in Text

Responding to anything follows “WTW.”

“What the what” is an exclamation of surprise, so you don’t have to answer WTW explicitly. It’s similar to someone exclaiming “Wow” or “Huh.” If there is something else in their message to respond to, concentrate on it.

Alternative Definitions of WTW Meaning in Text

“What the weather?”

It is used to ask someone what the weather is out there or at your place. Is it raining heavily over there too? For example:

  • Friend: WTW? Sunny or raining?
  • You: It is raining heavily here.
WTW Meaning in Text

WTW Meaning in Text

“Worth the wait”

If something is worth the wait, you have been compensated for your patience! Perhaps you were anticipating the release of the Oppenheimer film, or perhaps you were ecstatic about a concert you saw the night before. For an example:

  • Friend: How was the movie you saw last night? Was it amazing?
  • You: “It was totally WTW! I had such a good time. I wish you could have joined me.”
WTW Meaning in Text

WTW Meaning in Text

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do you respond with WTW?

WTW means “What’s the word?”, Which means “What’s up?”, If someone sent you WTW it means they want to know what you are up to. You can simply reply with exactly what you are doing.

What is WTW meaning in text?

WTW is commonly used in social media, chat, and text messages to mean “what’s the word.” This abbreviation, like “what’s up,” is used to inquire how or what someone is doing.

What does WTW mean snap?

The definition and usage of ‘Wtw’ ‘Wtw’ is a popular social media hashtag. The most common interpretation of ‘Wtw’ on Snapchat is “What the word?” This is equal to “What’s up”, “What’s going on”, or “What are you doing”.

What does WTW mean Insta?

On Instagram, WTW is an abbreviation for ‘What’s The Word?’ used to start a discussion, check in with someone, or inquire about what’s happening. It’s a casual and polite way of asking, “What’s up?” After a long day, a user might send a message saying “WTW” to a friend.

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