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How To Refresh Someone’s Snapchat Score


You’re probably here to know how to refresh someone’s Snapchat score. Welcome, You’re at the right article. So, what exactly is a snap score?

Your friends might be asking you about your snap score like What is your snap score? Snap score is an important part of Snapchat. There is a number under your username, and that is your snap score.

Is it that important in Snapchat? Unfortunately, no. It just provides an estimation of how active you’re being on Snapchat. The greater the number, the more you’re active on Snapchat. But how frequently does your snap score change? How precisely does it work? Let’s dig in.

What Is A Snap Score?

First, let’s see what is a snap score. Then we will dig into how to refresh someone’s Snapchat score.

Snap score is determined by how active you are, like the number of snaps you received and you sent and also the stories you have posted on Snapchat. You can find your snap score below your username in the profile section.

Friends compete about whose snap score is greater, frequently used as a fun competition among friends, as well as a way to get the trophy, which you can afterwards show on the Snapchat Trophy Case. Consider that a small accomplishment.

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How Often Does Snap Score Update?

The score updates by itself when you send and receive snaps. For an example, If you’re sending a snap to your friends, then you and your friend both will get a snap score. You will instantly receive a snap score.

If your Snap score doesn’t update, That might be because of bugs on Snapchat. Snapchat is still working on bugs to fix them. You can close and open the application again to update your score.

How Can I Find Someone Else’s Snap Score?

To find someone’s snap score. First of all, You should add them to your friend list. Then, You can find your friend’s snap score by clicking on their profile and then you will see their snap score under their username.

In case, You’re not friends with someone. Then, You won’t be able to see their Snapchat score. Also, If someone has a private account. Then, You won’t be able to see their Snapchat score either even if you are friends with them.

It’s also worth noting that the snap score reflects how active a person is on the app by counting the number of snaps sent and received by that user.

How To See When Someone Checks Your Snap Score?

Unfortunately, You can’t see when someone checks your snap score on Snapchat. Snapchat doesn’t notify you when someone views your Snapchat score. Although, If you want to check your own Snapchat score, Follow these steps

  • Open the Snapchat application.

    How To Refresh Someone's Snapchat Score
    How To Refresh Someone’s Snapchat Score
  • Click on your bitmoji icon.

    How To Refresh Someone's Snapchat Score
    How To Refresh Someone’s Snapchat Score
  • Under your username, you will see your snap score.

    How To Refresh Someone's Snapchat Score
    How To Refresh Someone’s Snapchat Score

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How To Refresh Someone’s Snap Score

How does snap score refresh? That depends on your activity. The more you are active on Snapchat, the more your Snap score will be. If you stop maintaining your streak even for a day, Your snap score will reset.

3 Tricks On How To Increase Your Snap Score

The score will update on how active you are on Snapchat. Here, I will tell you 3 tricks on how to increase your snap score. Follow these steps to increase your snap score.

Sending Snaps to Friends

Send any snap to your friends or family, then you will see your score has been increased. It will also increase your friends’ snap scores too.

Share Snap Stories

You are in a classy restro, Just take a snap and add it to your story. Make sure you send them to your friends to increase your snap score.

See The Discover Section

Check your discovery section, and scroll the snaps, the more time you spend on Snapchat. It will increase your snap score.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do you refresh someone’s Snap score?

Snap score refreshes when you send or receive a snap from your friend. Usually, Snap score updates immediately. But, Sometimes it could take some time to update.

How to view your friend’s snap score?

You can simply go to their profile, Check under their username you will find their snap score.

What increases someone’s Snapchat score?

3 Tricks on How to Increase Your Snap Score

  • Sending Snaps to Friends
  • Share Snap Stories
  • See The Discover Section

Is it possible to reset Snap’s score?

No, You can’t reset your snap score. But, If you delete your account and create a new account. Then, Your snap score will reset to zero.

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