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Android 15 Update: Chat Anywhere with Satellite Texting, Thanks to Google’s Innovation!


Have you heard about that?

Reports are saying that Android 15 will use a Satellite-Based Texting feature. This feature will allow users to send text without being in the range of cellular connectivity or wi-fi range. This feature will definitely help people living with low cellular connectivity, and it will also improve messaging drastically.

The satellite-based texting will automatically activate if the user goes out of the cellular connectivity range, and it will also be disconnected after the device comes into cellular connectivity. But it might require a clear sky for better connectivity with satellites. 

In January 2024, T-Mobile launched its first Starlink Satellite with direct-to-cell capabilities that allow devices to connect with satellite signals anywhere. T-Mobile and SpaceX have already confirmed that text messaging features will be introduced at the end of this year. 

Google has already released an Android 15 vanilla ice cream developer version in February 2024, and the final version of Android 15 will be released by the end of the year 2024. Everyone can not access the developer version, but users with specific pixel devices may test this version. Many bugs and errors can be seen with this version because Google has released it for the developers. 

In the Android 14 Beta version, Google has provided a Satellite Messaging feature, which shows that mobile phones with eligible accounts may soon be able to use this feature in the upcoming Android versions. This technology will solve the problems of areas having zero connectivity and will improve connectivity in the Dead Zones. 

Apart from the satellite connectivity, the Android 15 version will focus on the Performance of the device, Battery issues, and Heating problems. Also, it will introduce a health control feature in which the user will be able to track all health-related data such as diet, calories, and walking steps. 

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro users already have this satellite connectivity feature in their devices. They can use an emergency SOS, which will automatically connect the device to a satellite when traditional tower connectivity fails.

When purchasing an iPhone, users get this feature for free for two years. Google is also planning on a satellite SOS function in partnership with Garmin Response to help users in emergencies. Many Pixel users have seen this emergency SOS feature on their devices, but it has yet to be functionally activated; once it is set up well, the users will be allowed to access the feature. 

This Satellite feature will benefit people stuck in an emergency and areas with low cellular connectivity. Google still needs to update something on the use of satellite-based texting in Android 15, but obviously, it is going to make messaging effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ’s)

Does Google have an SOS feature?

Yes, Google has an SOS feature, and you can set it up so emergency actions can activate automatically.

What is Satellite messaging?

A technique in which a device connects automatically to a satellite in the absence of a cellular network and allows users to send messages in dead zones.

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