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Google is preparing to introduce alterations to the volume panel interface in Android 15.


In 2021, Google introduced the material you design in Android 12 to bring a new look to it. Since then small improvements in Android’s functionality have been changed but nothing major was seen. But now in 2024, Android 15 is expected to make changes to the volume panel.

Current volume panel

In the current Android Volume Panel when the user presses a volume key and taps the three-dot menu, the volume panel appears. It has a slider for media, call, ring, notification and alarm volume controls. Along with that, each slider has controls for its respective volume. There are buttons to open sound and vibration settings and dismiss the panel. If the user is playing media, a shortcut to change media output appears there.  

The current volume panel in Android is the same as it appears in the volume slider in Setting> Sound and Vibration. 

What will be the changes in the new volume panel of Android 15?

Now Google is planning to make the volume panel simpler and easier to use in Android 15. The new design will be more focused on making volume controls more easy with all the functions. 

New design in Android 15 

In the latest Android 15 Developer Preview 2 release, it is seen that the latest version is different from the previous one. The new design comes with pill-shaped sliders with dots at the ends indicating the maximum value making it easy to adjust the settings quickly and it is thicker than the previous one. Each stream can be muted just by tapping on the icons.

Apart from all these, there is a new feature in Android 15, the volume panel can collapse. Just a simple click can make it smaller or larger, which is a value-added feature for saving space when media is not in use. Also, there is an always-visible shortcut available for media output. This feature makes it even more convenient for users.

A new shortcut feature

In this new panel design of Android 15, “sound and vibration” is replaced with a permanent media output shortcut, this shortcut will now appear all the time even if the user is not playing media. However, when the user is not playing media tapping this shortcut will not open the media output switcher but it will show which audio device is currently connected. 

Animations and more controls

Google has also added animations to the new design of the volume panel. The stream name moves along with the slider, so the user can see it while adjusting the volume. Also current volume level is visible when the user adjusts the slider. With this new look, the volume panel will also include controls for features like noise control and spatial audio. 

In the current Android 15 developer preview 2, the new volume panel design is not turned on by default. Google may introduce this design in its upcoming Beta version. However, it is expected that once this feature is activated, users might see a user-friendly volume control interface with some exciting features. 

While these controls were not available while testing, these features are expected to offer users more customisation options and improve their overall audio experience. 

Also, these features in Android 15 will be definitely beneficial for users as the new design comes with playful animations and extra controls that will make volume controls more easy. Be ready to use an effortless audio setting that you have never experienced before. 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Q.1 What is new in Android 15?

Android 15 is expected to come with so many features such as satellite connectivity, notification cool down, keyboard vibration control, performance improvement and changes in the volume panel. 

Q.2 What are the different sliders present in the current volume panel of Android 15?

There are 5 sliders for each stream of the volume which includes, media, ring, notification, call and alarm.

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