Exciting Launch Alert: iPad Air & iPad Pro Set to Debut March 26th!
Exciting Launch Alert: iPad Air & iPad Pro Set to Debut March 26th!
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Exciting Launch Alert: iPad Air & iPad Pro Set to Debut March 26th!

Do you know that Apple is about to launch iPad Air and iPad Pro on March 26?

There has been no official announcement from Apple, but roamers say the iPads will begin shipping to customers in April. The reports are aligned with Bloomberg’s forecast, creating a stir among the people. 

Apple always comes up with innovative tech products, and people wait to grab the new technology gadgets; approximately 1.74 billion people use iPhones worldwide. If this news is accurate, it will bring a wave of happiness among tech lovers as iPads are versatile and unique. Also, they have a larger display than iPhones, and many people prefer iPads over iPhones.

At the start of March, Apple released a new 13- and 15-inch MacBook with an M3 chip, which is 60% faster than the model with an M1 chip and has up to 18 hours of battery life. According to the reports, the company is looking to release the iPad Air and iPad Pro at the end of March or early April.

According to Instant Digital, the new-gen iPad Air and iPad Pro release is expected by the end of March. Roamers say there will be an upgrade in the iPad Air and iPad Pro series. 

Let us have a look at what upgrades are expected in both devices. 

iPad Air: The M2 chip will process the likely generation iPad Air, and it might have a rear camera with a flashlight and a rectangular camera bump. Its new design and updates will look amazing. The iPad Air may support wifi and Bluetooth 5.3 support. The iPad Air is expected to also be available in two different 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch display sizes.

iPad Pro: reports leaked that it will be released with a sleek micro-LED display. There will be multiple display options for iPad Pro; it might come with 11-inch and 13-inch displays. Another change can be seen as roamers are adding that they are going to have an OLED display, and the thickness of the iPad Pro will also be reduced, and these iPad Pro models are likely to have an M3 chip (the same chip found in the new MacBook) and wireless charging. The camera designs are expected to be the same as those of the iPad Air, but it may come with a front selfie camera and enhanced brightness.

Apart from these two, iPad minis, a new Apple Pencil and highly-anticipated mixed-reality headsets can be released soon. The iPad mini will be released with an update in its processor. So, there are a lot of Apple products lined up to be released by Apple at the end of March or in April. 

People are waiting for the official announcement by Apple on the release of the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.1 Which iPad generation is going to be released in 2024?

According to a report, the Sixth-Generation iPad Air is expected to be launched on March 26 with a few core updates such as camera redesign, processor update, and Wi-Fi support.

Q.2 How many generations of iPads are there?

Currently, Apple has released ten generations of iPads. The first generation of iPads was launched in 2010. 

Q.3 What is more better iPad Pro or iPad Air?

If you are only looking for tablet options, go for the iPad Air. However, the iPad Pro would be the perfect fit if you want an iPad with a fast processor and laptop performance.

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