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Top 10 Content Syndication Platforms in 2024


Getting your Content noticed can be really tough in this world of digital marketing. There is a lot of information on the internet about making your Content seen on search engines. But there is an effective way through which you can make sure your articles, blogs and videos reach the right audience.

So what is this way? Do you know?

Content Syndication can help your Content reach a wider audience. Let us talk about Content Syndication and understand what these Content Syndication Platforms are and how they can help you with your content marketing strategy.

Many B2B companies face the challenge of reaching a wider audience even after investing in creating high-quality and valuable Content. Content Syndication through third-party platforms can be an effective way for such companies to gain more traffic and a wider audience.

With the right strategy and platforms, these B2B companies can improve conversions and receive higher traffic by collaborating with a trusted B2B content syndication platform.

What are content syndication and content syndication platforms?

Content Syndication is the process of repurposing your Content and sharing it on third-party websites and social media platforms. These Content Syndication Platforms help you reach a broader audience, improve your online presence and drive more traffic to your website.

It is just like spreading your message far and wide without creating new Content.

How do content syndication platforms work?

  • Content syndication platforms work as an intermediate between content marketers and publishers. 
  • Content creators submit their Content to content syndication platforms.
  • Content syndication platforms review the Content and make sure that the Content aligns with the interests of their audience.
  • These content syndication platforms share Content with multiple platforms and syndication partner websites that are interested in publishing it. 
  • Content gets published on these partner sites and helps Content reach a wider audience. 
  • These platforms also help brands create an impactful content syndication strategy.

How does content syndication help?

Content syndication is a powerful strategy for companies looking to improve their reach and generate high-quality leads without creating new Content. By distributing existing Content across various channels and third-party platforms, content syndication also increases brand visibility and helps companies connect with a broader audience. 

When you share your Content on third-party platforms, traffic is driven from their website to your website. This exposure helps brands position themselves as trusted industry voices. 

Content syndication is an effective way of generating leads.

You can deliver your message to people who have yet to interact with your brand. Syndicated Content attracts a targeted audience that is relevant to your niche. It helps fill up your sales pipeline with qualified marketing leads.

It is said that content syndication can affect SEO rankings, but when it is done with trustable platforms, it does not. Content syndication can improve your search engine rankings by providing backlinks and increasing website traffic. If you want the maximum benefits of content syndication, make sure you create high-quality Content and distribute it to trustable platforms.

Content Syndication Best Practices

  • make sure your Content is valuable and can engage the audience
  • Feature your Content on top-ranking websites.
  • Make your content syndication network strong.
  • Use analytics to create a good content syndication strategy.
  • If you are a business person, then add product information and benefits to generate sales.

Top 10 content syndication platforms

1. Outbrain

Top Content Syndication Platforms
Top Content Syndication Platforms

Outbrain is a well-known content syndication platform. It helps businesses expand their reach by promoting their Content on high-authoritative websites. Outbrains connects readers with the Content they prefer to read and allows companies to receive good traffic on their websites.

They make sure that the right Content reaches the right audience and maximizes the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns. Outbrain is a platform with which brands can improve their online visibility and set themselves as a leader in the industry.

Outbrain is a prominent platform for content syndication. It distributes every piece of Content, whether it is an article, blog post, or video. Outbrain is a paid platform that helps businesses connect with a vast audience of potential customers.

2. Taboola

Best Content Syndication Platforms
Best Content Syndication Platforms

Taboola is a content discovery and advertising platform that helps businesses reach a global audience. It also provides content recommendations to ensure clients receive value for their investment. Taboola has a broad network of publishers that help brands promote their Content across various digital channels. Brands can transfer the publisher’s traffic to their website by creating attractive Content and generating leads. Taboola offers paid content syndication services to businesses and brands.

To maximize content engagement and conversion rate, Taboola’s innovative algorithms analyze user behaviour. Based on user behaviour, Taboola delivers relevant Content. Businesses can improve their online visibility, increase brand awareness, and achieve their marketing goals with Taboola.

3. Medium

Content Syndication Platforms
Content Syndication Platforms

Medium is a popular content publishing platform that offers a space to its users so they can share their stories, ideas, and expertise with a broad audience. Medium has a user-friendly interface and powerful distribution capabilities. Medium is an ideal platform for content syndication.

The Medium allows bloggers, journalists, and thought leaders to reach millions of readers and gain exposure for their Content. By publishing on Medium, businesses can showcase their expertise, attract new followers and increase traffic on their website.

By publishing on Medium, businesses can showcase their industry expertise, attract new followers, and drive traffic to their websites. Medium allows users to post Content in text, photo, audio, and video formats. It is a free content syndication platform. Anyone can sign up and use it.

4. LinkedIn Pulse

Top Content Syndication Platforms
Top Content Syndication Platforms

LinkedIn Pulse is a content publishing platform by LinkedIn. On this platform, professionals can share their opinions, insights, and industry news. LinkedIn allows users to publish Content for a global audience.

LinkedIn Pulse is a valuable platform for businesses to syndicate Content. Its vast network of professionals and decision-makers allows business owners to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry and connect with experts to expand their reach through LinkedIn publishing.

LinkedIn Pulse has a built-in analytics tool that provides valuable insights about audience engagement and content performance, helping businesses optimize their content strategy for maximum benefits.

5. BuzzFeed

Best Content Syndication Platforms
Best Content Syndication Platforms

BuzzFeed is a renowned digital media company. It provides a wide range of opportunities for B2B content syndication.

BuzzFeed helps brands to connect with its highly engaged audience. They understand the importance of viral Content and trending topics. BuzzFeed is a platform that allows users to share their message with their target audience in the form of a blog, article or infographics.

BuzzFeed invented in 2006, is known for its engaging Content on various topics, such as food, news, pop culture, and commerce.

6. HuffPost

Content Syndication Platforms
Content Syndication Platforms

HuffPost is a well-established platform that offers content syndication services. It is known for its wide-ranging coverage of topics such as politics, entertainment, lifestyle, and technology. HuffPot serves a broader audience, and Syndicating Content on HuffPost allows brands and publishers to share their Content with a large number of readers.

HuffPost works as an intermediate platform between content creators and readers, allowing brands to increase their brand awareness.

Additionally, syndicating on HuffPost can provide SEO benefits, as backlinks from a well-established site can improve domain authority and search engine rankings. HuffPost’s high traffic volume can also drive referral traffic to the original content source.

By featuring various content formats, such as articles, blogs, videos, and infographics, HuffPost offers flexibility to match different content strategies. Overall, HuffPost’s content syndication platform is a valuable tool for brands and publishers looking to expand their reach.

7. Flipboard

Top Content Syndication Platforms
Top Content Syndication Platforms

Flipboard is a news aggregation platform that creates Content based on users’ interests. It offers publishers an opportunity to Syndicate their Content and reach readers who are passionate about finding and reading new Content relevant to their interests.

Flipboard allows publishers to post articles, videos and other multimedia content. Flipboard is a fantastic platform if you need help to reach a wider audience. It offers a chance to increase Content’s visibility and connect with a highly receptive audience.

8. Business Insider

Best Content Syndication Platforms
Best Content Syndication Platforms

Business Insider is a leading news website. Business Insider India covers the latest in business and technology topics. The Indian edition highlights critical figures in the country’s business world, from start-ups to industry veterans. It also updates on Indian technology, automobiles, gadgets, and sports.

With Business Insider, you can showcase your brand’s expertise and updates related to your industry. This can help you attract more loyal customers and a large audience base.

Business Insider’s target audience consists of Business people, executives, and small and micro businesses that prefer to stay updated with industry news.

Business Insider is one of the best Content Syndication Platforms, enabling businesses to share their Content with a global audience.

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9. Feedly

Content Syndication Platforms
Content Syndication Platforms

Feedly is a freemium news platform available for web browsers and mobile devices on iOS and Android phones. It gathers news from various online sources for users. DevHD launched Feedly in 2008.

It allows users to Syndicate their Content and reach its user base to increase the visibility of Content among readers. Users can subscribe to feeds from different websites and blogs, and Feedly will automatically fetch and display new Content as it becomes available.

Feedly supports RSS feeds, which are essential for content syndication. RSS feeds allow users to subscribe to your Content and receive updates automatically.

With its user-friendly interface and emphasis on customization, Feedly offers publishers a platform to connect with an audience actively seeking curated Content tailored to their interests. By syndicating their Content on Feedly, publishers can expand their reach, attract new readers, and foster engagement with a highly receptive audience eager to discover and consume Content relevant to their interests and preferences.

10. Quora

Top Content Syndication Platforms
Top Content Syndication Platforms

Quora is a fantastic content syndication platform that allows users to share their opinions and ask questions with a global audience.

Quora connects people looking for knowledge with people who provide answers. Users can also add links to valuable resources. Quora allows users to mention relevant landing pages that can help your business increase qualified leads. You can gain massive traffic on your website by mentioning your brand on Quora.

Quora can also be used to find answers to queries because people post their opinions on Quora to help others.


Content syndication is a cost-effective way to scale up your content marketing efforts. You can reach new audiences and generate quality leads without creating new Content. B2B companies can benefit from this powerful content marketing strategy. It works as a backlink when you syndicate your Content on third-party platforms and drives traffic to your website. Brands can syndicate Content by creating product content or educational Content to generate traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does syndicated Content appear as duplicate Content to Google?

No, if content syndication is done correctly. However, the Content must be syndicated in such a way that search engines can understand that the Content is syndicated. This can be achieved by linking back to the original article or asking the third-party platform to include a canonical link to your Content.

Is content syndication and guest posts the same thing?

No. In Content syndication, we republish existing Content on other websites, whereas in guest blogging, we create entirely new Content for another website.

What is a content syndication platform?

A content syndication platform is a service platform that distributes your Content to third-party sites and increases its reach and visibility.

How can content syndication help my business?

Content syndication can help your business by increasing your brand awareness and driving more traffic to your website.

Name the top 5 content syndication platforms. 

  • LinkedIn Pulse
  • Vib Syndication
  • Quora
  • HuffPost
  • Flipboard

Name a content syndication tool that can help in content distribution.

Email Marketing can be used as a powerful content syndication tool.

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